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Mark Wahlberg Has Practice Facility Installed In Backyard

Growing up, I would dig a small hole in my backyard and then walk off as many yards as I could before taking out a sand wedge and hitting a ball straight over our house. Although we lost a few golf balls and put several dents in the gutter, playing my makeshift course was almost as fun as being on the actual thing.

Mark Wahlberg’s backyard layout, which he posted on Instagram yesterday for his nearly three million followers to see, looks slightly more advanced. The artificial grass, desert background and dramatic bunkering make most of us envious of the Academy Award-nominated actor who loves to hit the links.

How long could you spend out here?

How is Wahlberg’s golf swing? The southpaw looks like he’s lined up a little too far to the left, but he comes over the ball with a strong move to his target:

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