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Lightning Destroys Practice Green In Iowa

If you need more incentive to get inside immediately after hearing the horn blow, we have some for you right here.

This practice green at Des Moines (Iowa) Country Club was hit with an intense bolt last week and the Director of Grounds, Rick Tegtmeier, tweeted out a photo to prove it.

We’ve seen this type of vein-like pattern on a putting green before. Remember what happened at Parkland (Fla.) Golf & Country Club last year? The fourth green took a beating (photo below). How this type of damage occurs was described by The Weather Channel:

“When lightning strikes earth, it branches out along the ground which, in this case, happened to be a green. These currents fan out from the strike center in a tendril pattern. A lightning bolt can be fatal up to 100 feet away from the point of the strike.”

While the green at Parkland Golf & Country Club survived, Tegtmeier was not optimistic about his turf recovering in Iowa.

“I don’t think it will recover,” he tweeted. “The cup was melted so there was a lot of intense heat.”



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