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Beef Says ‘No’ to Tofu

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston
Andrew 'Beef' Johnston relaxed at the pool after a good week at the PGA Championship.

Here’s the latest from the chronicles of Andrew “Beef” Johnston, which have taken golf by storm of late:

The U.K. chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals issued a release Tuesday saying it had sent a package of tofu steaks and soy sausages to Johnston, the 27-year-old Englishman and enthusiastic carnivore, in hopes that he would consider adopting a vegan diet and changing his nickname to “Tofu.”

In response, Johnston succinctly tweeted: “It’s my name basically so won’t change.” (see Tweet below)

In other words, Beef won’t be cancelling his endorsement deal with Arby’s.

Still, you have to admire PETA’s PR chops. (Or PR tofu, if you will).

Want more fun with Beef? Check out his diving board action from earlier this week. VIDEO:


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