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Henrik Stenson Wouldn’t Mind Tackling in Golf

Henrik Stenson has an idea.

What if golf, just for the bruising fun of it, adopted some of the team handball rules and allowed tackling.

Not all the time. Just once in a while.

“I wouldn’t mind playing a round where I can kind of tackle the same way as those guys do. Quite an amazing game, I’d think. It could make for good television, those nine holes. Top of the backswing, someone comes in and just toppling you over.”

Stenson, who sits two shots behind leader Marcus Fraser midway through the Olympic golf competition in Rio, has been watching team handball and has befriended some of the competitors, who showed up to watch him play golf Friday.

“I’ve been watching them quite a lot so I guess it’s only fair that they repay the favor, right,” Stenson said. “Of course when you have some of the best athletes in the world out there, you want to try and hit it close and I did on a couple of occasions.

“They have got a day off so I guess they are just out relaxing and healing up some bruises from yesterday’s battle.”

Stenson’s second round was highlighted by two extremely long putts he holed early in his round. The first was what he estimated to be a 50-footer at the second hole followed by a 108-footer he made at No. 3.

“That’s the longest putt I’ve made in my career, I’d say, “ Stenson said. “First of all, it’s hard to get a putt that long on any green in the world. Maybe St. Andrews on a double green you can find one.”


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