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Man on Pace to Play 850 Rounds of Golf This Year

Barry Gibbons has played more rounds of golf this year than some of our readers will play in their entire lifetime. And that is not an exaggeration. Thus far in 2016, Gibbons has played 585 rounds of golf and is liable to tack on another handful of rounds by the time you finish reading this. He is currently on pace for around 850 rounds of golf this year.

For over three decades, the Ridgefield, Conn., resident worked at IBM and hoped he could play more golf. Now having retired at the age of 55, he can.

We know what you are thinking: This man has to be single. Actually, he is married to a woman who is just as passionate about him breaking the record for the most rounds played in a year — currently 611 — as he is. His wife Joy even set up this website for him that tracks his pace, accepts donations and answers any questions curious onlookers may have.

According to the website, Gibbons is a true trooper. The 2.5-handicap player always carries his bag, a requirement for the Guinness World Record, and even plays from the tips. He has gone through 11 pairs of golf shoes this year and describes the walking as the most difficult part of the journey, which makes sense given that he has already walked 4,325 miles this year.

Gibbons began his quest in Texas where he owns a second home, playing nearly three rounds per day in the first several months before returning to Connecticut in June. His pace has slowed down to two rounds per day, but he is still set to shatter the record even if he only played one round per day in the fall.

Keep going, Barry. We believe in you.


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