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Stephen Curry’s Inside Scoop on Golfing with President Obama

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry has the inside information on what it's like golfing with President Barack Obama.

The Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday with First Lady Michelle Obama and the conversation turned to golf.

Curry told us what it’s like to play golf with President Barack Obama and even gave a quick impression of the POTUS (see video below).

Ellen pressed Curry on the golfing buddies’ handicaps, recent match results and Obama’s penchant for trash talking.

Curry, who sports a 2 handicap, says he is “a better golfer” than Obama but wouldn’t say what the president’s handicap is. “I was told not to disclose that information,” he joked.

At Ellen’s encouragement, the first lady did give Curry some trash-talking tips for their next match. “Talk about his ears,” she advised. “If you’re putting, you want to say ‘The shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt.'”

Watch the video clip here:


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