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Finchem Prepares for Retirement

REUTERS/Mike Segar. Picture Supplied by Action Images.

ATLANTA, GA. – The days are down to a precious few in Tim Finchem’s time as commissioner of the PGA Tour.

And now he decides to be funny.

Exactly how many days remain, Finchem isn’t saying but this is his final Tour Championship and FedEx Cup as commissioner before handing the job over to his deputy, Jay Monahan, in the near future.

As something of a going away present to the media, Finchem mocked himself Tuesday morning, bypassing his customary long, shall we say dull, opening statement about the Tour’s season.

Instead, Finchem read a handful of biting Tweets that have been posted about him and his lawyerly style over the years.

Among the tweets:

“Any idea when Finchem will be retiring? Hopefully sooner rather than later.”

“It’s been a while since I had the privilege of reading one of PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem’s torturous transcripts, and I’ll miss him when he retires. Until then, here’s a sample for people who are low on Ambien refills.”

“He never looks more stiff than during his press conference appearances, at which he hides in plain sight behind lawyerly circumlocutions that are almost impossible to follow without a thesaurus and a compass. At this presser, he drew two laughs, which is two more than usual.”

Finchem has been commissioner for 20 years, taking over just before Tiger Woods arrived and changed the PGA Tour and professional golf like no one else. In Finchem’s tenure, the Players Championship has been elevated, the FedEx Cup playoffs were created and the Tour has continued to grow despite the challenges of the 2008 economic crisis.

So what will Finchem do when he retires?

“I’ll try to reverse the ratio of practicing golf and playing golf, which I get a fair amount of practice in. I don’t get to play very much. I’ll get a few more ski days in,” Finchem said.

“But mainly, I think it’s the focus on my kids. My kids are all in their 20s. They didn’t see much of me. They grew up with me being on the road all the time. So more time with them and (wife) Holly.

“I’m not going to go out and start a new career or anything. I don’t need to do that. Golf is my passion. If Jay Monahan calls me and wants me to come in here and talk to the media because he can’t handle it…maybe try to help him out.

“More likely, he’ll call me and say the CEO sponsor company X wants you to go play golf with him or something, he or she. So I’ll be available and around.”

And if you’re wondering, no, Finchem did not drop the mic when he was finished.


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