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Man Breaks Record for Most Rounds of Golf in One Year

Earlier this month we started tracking the story of Barry Gibbons, a Connecticut man with the totally insane idea of playing over 800 rounds of golf in one year.

Well, as of yesterday, he has passed the previous record-holder. Gibbons completed his 612th round of golf in 2016, surpassing Richard Lewis of Dallas, Tex., and forever earning the respect of hackers everywhere. He played the record-breaking round with his father Ed at Valley Country Club in Colorado, the course where his dad taught him how to play the game.

Although the record is unofficially broken, Gibbons has to pay a $5,000 fee to officially register his feat as a world record. Enter his wife Joy, who has set up this donation page to help her husband out. 

With over three months remaining, Gibbons hopes to obliterate the record and reach 850 rounds of golf this year. He has walked over 4,510 miles all while carrying his bag and walking regulation golf courses.

“When I undertook this quest, I was simply doing so for the personal challenge to see if I could achieve it, and to get myself back into a good, fit condition after spending 34 years in the corporate world,” Gibbons said on the website dedicated to his quest. “There was (and still is) zero level of interest in any publicity associated with it, but that has gotten more difficult to avoid. I have been truly amazed at the level of interest from my friends, golfing partners, acquaintances, strangers, magazines, newspapers, etc. It’s interesting to see how people learn of what you are doing and have a genuine interest in how you’re progressing. The support I’ve received has been very motivational.”

We once again raise a toast to Barry Gibbons. We’re all living vicariously through you.



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