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Phil’s Thrilling Shots at Tour Championship

Phil Mickelson
Watch Phil Mickelson delight fans with two remarkable shots early in his first round at East Lake.

A 4-over-par 74 isn’t what Phil Mickelson had in mind today. And it would be a forgettable round, except for these two delightful shots, which exemplify why Phil Mickelson is so popular with fans.

EXHIBIT A – First Hole:

Phil begins the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club with a 94-foot birdie bomb from just off the green.

EXHIBIT B – Fifth Hole:

From the pine straw, Phil Mickelson attempts an approach under and through the trees on No. 5.

Will Mickelson bring this type of excitement to next week’s Ryder Cup? (Rather than the bogey-triple bogey-double bogey stretch he had on holes 6-8.)



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