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Vandals Destroy Greens, Set Golf Carts Ablaze

golf course vandals
Vandals with shovels dug up two greens at Rochford Hundred Golf Club in England.

Just this week, two terrible acts of vandalism were perpetrated at two golf courses in two countries.

Monday morning, the grounds crew arrived for work at Rochford Hundred Golf Club in Essex County, England, only to find the 5th and 16th greens utterly destroyed by vandals with shovels.

The next day, in Poland, Maine, 20 golf carts were set on fire in a senseless act. Just before 2 a.m. Tueday, a neighbor called the fire department after discovering the burning carts at Summit Spring Golf Course. The fire was intentionally set, investigators say.

Both golf courses had been struck by thieves and vandals earlier in the year. Rochford Hundred had been hit by vandals with rakes and shovels in February, but the damage was not as severe. Summit Spring was struck by a burglary and vandalism last month.

Remember the golfer who held at gunpoint the thief who stole his golf clubs? It would be nice if he could find the vandals who committed these outrageous acts.

A view of the damage at Rochford Hundred Golf Club


vandalism at Rochford Hundred
Another view of the damage at Rochford Hundred Golf Club


burned golf carts
“Thank god he checked,” course superintendent Ryan Leonard said about the neighbor who heard the fire crackling and called the fire department early Wednesday morning. “I don’t think the building would be here if he didn’t.” (PHOTO: Daryn Slover/Sun Journal)


burned golf carts
An arsonist torched 20 golf carts at Summit Spring Golf Course in Poland, Maine. (WGME News 13)



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