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Love Clarifies “Best Team Ever” Remarks

Is this the best U.S. Ryder Cup team ever as captain Davis Love III said last week?

Let’s do two things before answering that question:

Let the Ryder Cup matches play out;

And, allow Love to provide some context to the comment he made that led to the mini-firestorm about the best team ever.

Love was chatting with talk show host Matt Adams last week about the Ryder Cup when a caller suggested the Americans just need to have a little more swagger in the Ryder Cup.

Love agreed with the caller and went on to tell a story he was told by Tom Kite years ago. Kite’s advice was to “out-drive them and walk faster than them, get to your ball first and dominate,” Love said.

Kite then asked Love what’s better than being 2-up in a match.

The answer is being 3-up. That was the attitude Kite wanted to convey.

It led Adams to ask Love what he intends to tell his team at Hazeltine.

“I said, I would tell my team they’re the best team ever assembled. Let’s go out and show off and play and have fun,” Love said.

“That’s what Nick Saban would tell his team when they’re getting ready to go play Ole Miss. He wouldn’t say, You guys have done a pretty good job this week, and you’re a pretty average team, let’s go out there and just give it a good shot. No, he’s going to say, You guys have worked hard, you’re the best team I’ve ever seen, let’s go crush these guys.

“So the question wasn’t, how do you rank this team in history. It was, what are you going to tell your team to fire them up. So I would still tell them the same thing, you’re a great team, let’s go out there and have some fun, play your game, don’t get in your own way.”

History can decide the rest.


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