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The Ryder Cup’s Other Winners

Ryder Cup Winners
Roy Robbins (right) was joined by a friend John Coconato as Global Golf Post's winners of a Ryder Cup trip.

It had to be a scam, right? Nobody actually wins these things!

That was our winner’s initial reaction, but Roy Robbins and John Coconato have just returned from the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine, and they know the prize is real.

Global Golf Post has been awarding readers with “Golf’s Greatest Trips” this year. Robbins was the winner of our “Ryder Cup Trip for Two” to Hazeltine, so he and his friend John packed their bags and flew to Minnesota for a golf experience of a lifetime.

Ryder Cup winners

With airfare, hotel, daily tickets and shuttles included, they only had to worry about enjoying themselves.

We asked Robbins about their experience.

 A most memorable moment?

“That is a really tough question. One of the most exciting moments was when Rory made his birdie and got the European crowd all riled up and Patrick came back with his birdie and waved his finger at Rory. The American crowd went insane. Then they both kind of hugged each other. Great golf. Great sportsmanship.”

The strangest thing you saw or heard at Hazeltine?

“There were a lot of crazy costumes. There were a lot of crazy Europeans. There were a lot of crazy Americans.  One image that sticks in my mind is 50,000 people all leaving at one time to catch the buses. Unreal. A sea of humanity.”

So, how about those crowds?

 “I am not a crowd type guy. But the crowd is what makes the Ryder Cup so exciting.  The enthusiasm of the crowd for the home team and the visitors seemed to spur the players from both sides to great golf. Birdie matching birdie and long putts for par to halve a hole was just great golf.

Ireland Golf Trip“The crowd erupting for their guy on each made putt. Not to mention the “heckler” who was summoned from the crowd on Thursday and backed up his trash talk by making the putt. Incredible and exciting golf. I am still not a crowd guy but this was just awesome.”

After a great week, Robbins is still amazed that he won the trip. Others were just as surprised.

“At the welcoming party when my friend John told the people we were sitting with that I had won the trip through Global Golf Post one of them said “No kidding. I didn’t think anybody ever won those contests.”  I still don’t believe it was real.”

Club Car and Premier Golf partnered with Global Golf Post on the trip.

While it’s too late for the Ryder Cup, there’s still time to enter to win our Ireland Golf Trip. CLICK HERE to enter.


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