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John Daly’s 30 For 30 Holds Nothing Back

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters. Picture Supplied by Action Images.

John Daly is getting what he deserves.

The film treatment.

Daly’s ragged-edged life is the subject of ESPN Films’ latest 30 For 30 documentary. Titled ‘Hit It Hard’ and essentially narrated by Daly himself, the one-hour feature premieres Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

Like Daly on the golf course, you can’t help but watch even if you know most of the story.

The film, which enhances the exceptional 30 For 30 collection, tells Daly’s story in all of its imperfect and sometimes heartbreaking glory. And, because he’s John Daly, there’s no hiding from the truth.


Daly talks all about it and the video footage through the years shows the effects.


Daly doesn’t deny it.


Daly lets you know how much he’s enjoyed it.

‘Hit It Hard’ takes us from Daly’s extraordinary victory in the 1991 PGA Championship when he got in as the ninth alternate through his victory in the 1995 Open Championship at St. Andrews and through the almost hallucinogenic twists and turns of his life.

Daly is a bigger than life character living a profoundly fragile life. He has been brilliant at times and might have been a great player but he wasn’t built that way. Daly acknowledges that.

But there’s something about Daly – there always has been – that keeps the world coming back to him. It’s too easy to say he’s like the rest of us because most of the rest of us couldn’t have survived what Daly has survived.

Perhaps the miracle is that Daly is still around to narrate his own story.

That makes his story even better.


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