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Jack Nicklaus Makes Surprise Appearance In NHL Locker Room

What a way to start a hockey game.

Jack Nicklaus said a few words of encouragement before the Montreal Canadiens took on the Boston Bruins at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Tuesday night.

He also announced the starting lineup, which is obligatory before every game.

“Is that good? Did I screw up any names?” Nicklaus said before leaving the locker room as hockey players names can be very difficult to pronounce. “It was alright? Hey guys, good luck, have fun.”

Starting goalie Carey Price told the Montreal Gazette he was shocked when the golfing great came into the locker room.

“It threw me off because he had his back to me,” Price said. “I was doing my stuff and I looked and there was someone standing three feet in front of me. I was kind of awestruck and I don’t get awestruck very often.”

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