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Dangerfield’s Caddyshack Yacht Is For Sale

As Tiger Woods sets sail on a comeback in the Bahamas this week comes the news that another yacht owner is seeking to part with a vessel made famous in golf’s greatest humor flick.

The sport-fishing craft Rodney Dangerfield comically piloted in Caddyshack is for sale, according to an online listing. The asking price for the 60-foot 1979 Striker is $129,000. Here are several photos of what the yacht looks like today.

The yacht, which bore the moniker Seafood in the film, played a key role in the feud between Dangerfield’s character, the greasy real-estate developer Al Czervik, and his uppity nemesis Judge Smails, played by Ted Knight. You’ll recall Czervik seized the helm and ruined the christening of the judge’s prized sloop.

Now dubbed Big Dog, the yacht is docked in Annapolis, Md., and “needs some TLC,” the listing says. Sounds like a money pit, but you have to figure there’s a well-heeled Caddyshack fan out there who’d jump at the chance to climb aboard and shout, a la Czervik, “Hey Smails, my dinghy’s bigger than your whole boat.”

Bubba Watson perhaps? It would certainly pair nicely with his General Lee.



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