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NEWS: Augusta National Reportedly Buys Local Pep Boys For $6.9 Million

Back in October, it was a music store. Now, an auto repair shop.

Augusta National Golf Club reportedly continued its expansion to the west of Old Berckmans Road with the club paying $6.9 million for the Pep Boys property across the street. Several local news stations, including ABC News 6, cited property records showing that the sale occurred in November.

The sale surpasses the $5.3 million Augusta National reportedly spent to purchase Jay’s Music Center last fall. The taxable value of the music store’s land and its 5,600-square-foot store is only $637,900, according to Richmond County real estate records. 

National Hills Goodyear Tire and Jiffy Lube also recently sold their property to Augusta National.

There now are three businesses remaining between Old Berckmans Road and New Berckmans Road south of Washington Road that have not been purchased by the club: an Olive Garden, a Wendy’s and a Walgreens.

Augusta National has spent much of the past two decades acquiring land around the club which has been used to add parking, hospitality, a new media center and a new practice facility.

It is unclear as to when the Pep Boys will close, but it is unlikely to still be in operation when The Masters is played April 6-9.


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