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NEWS: Old Course Hotel Defending Itself From Stray Tee Shots

It is one of the most iconic tee shots in golf featuring one of the more unique obstacles in the game.

The 17th hole on the Old Course at St. Andrews long has been regarded as one of the most difficult in the Open Championship rota due to a skinny green, a treacherous greenside bunker and a gravel road directly behind the putting surface. The first half of the hole isn’t easily navigated, either; players must carry a portion of the course that is out of bounds and includes the Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa just to the right of the target area.

As one would guess, the hotel has seen many errant tee balls over the years. In fact, damage from golf balls costs the hotel about £2,000 in refurbishments each year.

To fix this problem, the hotel has enlisted the help of the Canadian company Euroshield to make a resilient roof out of recycled tires, according to a local news report.

“The building is going to have an absorb-and-deflect energy roof, which means when golf balls hit it it won’t have any dents and cracks,” an Old Course Hotel spokesperson said. “The golf balls do have an impact but we really don’t mind – it is the Home of Golf. You can’t really complain about that sort of thing.”

Slicers can test the new roof once work is completed in mid-April.


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