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NEWS: Topgolf Introduces Protracer Technology at Safeco Field

If you would like to hit a golf ball onto a baseball outfield with Protracer tracking the ball’s flight in real time, find your way to the Pacific Northwest in a few weeks.

Topgolf, which acquired Protracer last year, will take over Seattle’s Safeco Field, Feb. 17-20, to debut its “Crush” event at the home of Major League Baseball’s Mariners. Topgolf Crush marks the first time players can see the live flight path of their ball as it attacks targets 40-150 yards away.

Topgolf, the high-tech entertainment company that combines competition with entertainment, operates 30 facilities throughout the country, but the technology that has gained popularity on professional golf broadcasts is not yet available at those locations. The company has plans to implement Protracer on a permanent basis sometime this year.

Attendees at the Safeco Field event can spend up to an hour hitting from private bays above seats in the second deck with outfield targets representing different point values. Up to eight people can play at one time.

The Mariners organization is no stranger to golf. In 2015, the team opened a high-tech golf simulator that let fans take swings on a virtual course throughout baseball games.


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