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QUICK TAKE: Why Greens Maps Should be Banned

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – While we’re on the subject of amending and updating the Rules of Golf, here’s a suggestion:

Ban the use of greens maps that have become increasingly popular with some PGA Tour players.

It’s one thing to use a yardage book. It’s something else to study a computer-generated graph of each putting surface to determine how a putt is likely to roll.

The idea is to read greens, not maps.

If you’ve been watching, you’ve noticed some players studying the notebook they carry in their back pockets when they’re preparing to putt. It doesn’t guarantee success, obviously, but it takes some of the guesswork out of the process.

Think about the people you play with who can really read greens. There’s an art to it and with all of the technical advancements, it’s important to keep an element of artistry in the game.

It’s enough of an issue that the Tour’s Player Advisory Council has discussed it and may be leaning toward prohibiting their use. Ian Poulter chimed in on Twitter suggesting too much time is spent by players reading books on the greens.

He’s right.

The rules gurus have finally gotten around to the overdue business of prohibiting caddies from standing behind players to line them up correctly.

It’s time to make sure reading putts is based on what a player sees and feels and not on what he reads in a book.


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