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QUICK TAKE: Spieth Uses YouTube to Tie Course Record in Mexico

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

MEXICO CITY, Mexico | When nothing else is working, there’s always YouTube.

That’s where Jordan Spieth went looking for visual clues to help him sharpen his golf swing Saturday morning.

It worked.

Spieth shot 63, tying the Club de Golf Chapultepec course record in the process.

“I wanted to see videos of myself when I thought I was swinging well,” Spieth said. “I just kind of went to YouTube and I was kind of looking at highlights of a couple of tournaments where I knew I was swinging it well just to see the commitment in my swing and how I could possibly compare.”

It’s not like Spieth resorts to the internet for swing fixes often. In fact, he’s never done it.

“I couldn’t tell you any time I’ve ever searched myself on YouTube but I clicked on it and was just looking,” Spieth said. “I think I pulled up 2015 Bridgestone for some reason and just saw a couple of swings on the way here.

“That was decent ballstriking: Bridgestone, PGA and the Open Championship in ’15. That’s about as solid as I’ve struck the ball.”

While the Saturday 63 vaulted Spieth up the leaderboard, he still faces a big climb on Sunday.

“If I can beat the course record, then we would have a good chance to win,” Spieth said.


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