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PostCast, Episode 9: Annika Sörenstam Talks Parenting, Tiger, New Rules and More

Annika Sörenstam joined the PostCast today to talk all sorts of topics such as Tiger Woods, her role at the Arnold Palmer Invitational next week, and, in particular, the proposed rules changes announced last week by the USGA and R&A. 

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“I think anyone who plays the game of golf, you know, the rules book, would scare us,” Sörenstam said. “It’s too thick to even go through and to turn the page. So to simplify it and make it understandable and more translated into different languages, it’s a lot easier.” 

Sörenstam added that most of them make a lot of sense in order to speed up the game, especially when caddies line up the players, but one change in particular she thinks the organizations can talk about is when you end up in a divot in the fairway. 

“Again, where do you start, but that’s very similar to tapping down spike mark. Why should you end up in somebody’s divot, if they didn’t repair it, when they really should?”

Would you like to see this rule changed?

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