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NEWS: Global Golf Post Donates Funds for Tee Times At San Francisco City Championship Finals


Winter Park, Fla. — Global Golf Post, the world’s leading golf news magazine, today announced that it would once again donate the funds for the greens fees for all of the finalists of the 2017 San Francisco City Championship.

“As we did in 2016, we want to support this historically significant tournament and the players who compete in it,” said Founder & Publisher Jim Nugent

Under the plan, all 22 of the finalists at Harding Park GC on March 19 will not have to pay any greens fees to compete in their championship matches. In addition, the winners will be featured in a congratulatory ad in the March 20 edition of Global Golf Post.

Finalist Flights are:

  • Men’s Championship
  • Women’s Championship
  • Men’s Senior Championship
  • Men’s Super Senior Championship
  • Juli Inkster Flight
  • Ken Venturi Flight
  • John Susko Flight
  • Sandy Tatum Flight
  • Ray Pellegrini Flight
  • George Archer Flight
  • Harvie Ward Flight

“Amateur golf is a part of the DNA of The Post,” added Nugent. “We take great pride and similar joy in supporting the amateur game, globally.”

About Global Golf Post:

Founded in 2010, Global Golf Post is the leading golf news publication in the world. It is delivered overnight Sunday, 50 weeks per year, to a global audience of nearly 2.0 million avid golfers. Global Golf Post is a fully interactive digital publication that incorporates rich media applications and offers golf consumers a remarkable online experience, much like reading a traditional magazine or newspaper.

About the San Francisco City Golf Championship

The San Francisco City Golf Championship, known locally as “The City,” is an annual golf tournament hosted by the City of San Francisco.  It is a match play event and boasts one of the largest fields of any tournament in the nation, broken down into five separate divisions:  Men’s, Men’s Senior, Men’s Super Senior, Women’s, and Open.

The San Francisco City Championship was inaugurated in 1917 and is the country’s oldest municipal golf tournament. Another thing that makes the City Championship a unique event is the inclusion of an “Open” Division, allowing for golfers of varying abilities to compete.  Those familiar with the City Championship will tell you about the tradition of playing the ball as it lies at San Francisco’s Lincoln and Harding Park Golf Courses in less than ideal conditions. Conditions are the same for everyone; the ability to accept the occasional bad break is paramount to a competitor’s success. Past champions include 1964 US Open Champion Ken Venturi, 1999 US Women’s Open Champion Julie Inkster, and 1969 Masters Champion George Archer.



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