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NEWS: Environmental Activists Vandalize Trump Golf Course

The words “NO MORE TIGERS. NO MORE WOODS” were carved into a putting surface at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., early Sunday morning by an anonymous group of environmental activists.

Although the group is hiding behind anonymity, they are anything but shy in regards to providing a motive and details as to how the deed was done.

Citing what they call the Trump administration’s “blatant disregard” for the environment, the group of four people told The Washington Post they scaled a fence, walked down a steep hill full of cacti and used gardening tools to inscribe the message into the green of hole No. 5. It took about one hour.

“Tearing up the golf course felt justified in many ways,” one said. “Repurposing what was once a beautiful stretch of land into a playground for the privileged is an environmental crime in its own right.

“We hope this sends a message to Trump and his corrupt administration that their actions will be met with action.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department already has opened an investigation into the incident, sending a deputy to the course to determine whether the action was deliberate or accidental. After seeing the carefully carved words and the elaborate statement on how the vandalism was accomplished, it would appear there is little doubt in that category.


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