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WATCH: Gribble Tempts Fate By Poking Alligator

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nothing much was happening for Cody Gribble Thursday afternoon at the Arnold Palmer Invitational so when he saw an alligator lounging on the edge of the sixth fairway beside the big lake, Gribble decided to have some fun.

As he walked by the gator – he estimated it to be eight feet long – Gribble reached down and nudged it toward the water.

The gator bolted into the lake and Gribble walked on like it was no big deal.

“The gator looked like he needed some exercise,” said Gribble, whose gator moment may have been the highlight of his 5-over-par 77.

“He was sitting right there in the way and I guess I was trying to get some adrenaline going somehow, but I wasn’t really afraid of it.”

That naturally begs the question – has Gribble done that before?

“I’ve done it a couple times before,” Gribble said. “If you think if that’s crazy, you should meet my father, Bill Gribble.”

It’s not as if Gribble grew up on the bayou or in the South Carolina lowcountry where gators are an everyday sight. He’s from Dallas.

Still, he seemed surprisingly comfortable messing with the gator.

“I wasn’t too worried about it at the time. Those guys, I mean, it’s like a jolt, it’s quick, they’re not going to catch you, they’re not going to catch you a couple of steps down,” Gribble said.

“They’re going to get you really quick early, but I mean, I’m not in its way, I’m right behind him, it’s not going to happen.”

And yes, Gribble has had a gator come toward him when he’s grabbed at it.

“But it hasn’t got me,” Gribble said. “They’re quick, but they’re not that quick.
“I’ve caught them before, fishing before, too. It’s fun. … I’m not going to hurt them or anything, he’s beautiful. And, actually, I don’t know if you ever felt an alligator, but like their skin is incredibly clean.”


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