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WATCH: Barkley Talks About Jordan’s Ridiculous Golf Bets

Jordan and Barkley
Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, back in the NBA days.

Unless you’re really, really good, you probably can’t afford to play golf with Michael Jordan, whose golf bets are beyond silly.

Charles Barkley joined the Dan Patrick Show and told stories Michael Jordan’s penchant for $100,000-per-hole golf games.

The former basketball greats enjoyed many epic battles on the basketball court during their NBA careers. Their golf games appear to be epic in a different sort of way. The pair have played many rounds together and money is always on the line. Yet anyone who has seen Barkley swing a golf club (see video below) will be surprised to know that Jordan would only give him a couple of shots per side.

In one instance, Barkley said Jordan was putting for $300,000 in a match with another player in their group.

“It was crazy man, they were playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was crazy,” Barkley said.

Think about this: The average American 401K has about $100,000. Michael Jordan routinely plays for that amount in a single hole.

Like I said, you probably can’t afford to play with MJ.

Roll the video to hear these stories straight from the mouth of “Sir Charles.”

And just in case you have not seen “The Round Mound of Rebound” swing a golf club, take a look at this video:

If Jordan is only giving Barkley “a couple of shots per side,” we have to wonder if Barkley ever won any money at all from “His Airness.”


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