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QUICK TAKE: Past Champions Remember Greatest Shots At Augusta

Through the years, The Masters has produced some of the most memorable shots in golf.

There was Jack Nicklaus’ “Bear Tracks” putt on the 16th green in 1975, Larry Mize’s chip-in at No. 11 in 1987, Phil Mickelson’s 6-iron through the trees at No. 13 in 2012 and, of course, Gene Sarazen’s albatross at No. 15 in 1935.

But what are the shots the champions remember?

Here are what some Masters winner recall as their best shot at Augusta National:


PHIL MICKELSON: “There was a lob shot I hit from behind 15 green to the back left pin (in 2012). It was a full flop.

“They’ve replayed that shot and I downplayed it after I hit it, just kind of hand the club to (caddie Jim) ‘Bones’ (Mackay) and act like it was no big deal. But that was a big deal. If it’s short, it’s short. If it gets a little hot, it bounces in the water. I hit it 4 feet and made it for birdie.”


JORDAN SPIETH: “My second shot into 13 in 2015. A 5-iron. I mis-hit it slightly but it went right at the peninsula so it was going to clear. It ran right past for an eagle putt. I say that over the flop shot on No. 18 on Saturday that year. It was better.”


ZACH JOHNSON: “The shot I hit on Sunday when I won (2007), my second shot on 11. I kind of blocked my drive, it was down the right side and I was like this could be in the right rough. It landed in the fairway and kicked left.

“I have a right-to-left lie with a right-to-left wind. I can’t see the pin and I have to cut a 3-iron. I hit it to 20 feet with all that. That one there was the shot where I could just breathe again. Because I don’t hit many cut shots.”


CHARL SCHWARTZEL: “The chip-in on No. 1 the year I won.

“I practiced the shot with a 6-iron. I was right on the green where people walk. It’s very sandy. You just have no shot. Anywhere left of the hole it will roll down to the front of the green. Anything a little harder goes over the back of the green. A soft one goes back to your feet. There was no real good option.

“I just played it as perfect as can be.”


TIGER WOODS: In his book The 1997 Masters, My Story, Woods writes:

“The greatest pitch I ever hit at Augusta was one I hit at the sixth hole in the early 2000s in a Masters that I didn’t win. The pin was back left, and I had hit my tee shot way to the back right of the green. I couldn’t putt from there because of where the pin was.

“I had to pitch across a corner of the fringe. I took my sand wedge out because I could put cut spin on it, whereas I couldn’t put as much spin with my 60 degree wedge because of the extra loft. I played a little cut-spin pitch shot from on the green that held up and then rolled down.

“I left myself on top of the ridge, about 4 feet from the hole. That was one of the most satisfying pitches I have ever hit at Augusta, probably the best as far as the difficulty of pulling it off. It’s not too often you get to chip off a green at Augusta.”


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