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NEWS: Two Arrested After Golf Club Theft Video Goes Viral

Golf Club Theft
A security camera caught the theft of a man's golf clubs on video.

A video of a woman stealing golf clubs – a clip the clubs’ owner posted on Facebook – led to the arrest of two individuals in connection with a stolen vehicle.  

The home surveillance video, which went viral, captured a clear image of a female thief knocking on the door, looking around and then dashing off with the clubs, which owner Kieren Rouse had left on his front porch in Biloxi, Miss., while at work.

Rouse posted the security video to his Facebook page with a list of the clubs in his bag. He said he needed “help making somebody Facebook famous.” With nearly a half million views of his video, his mission was accomplished and Biloxi police said his clubs were found at a pawn shop.

Responding to a tip from a citizen who had seen the video, police in Waveland, Miss., arrested Amy Beth Minor of Howe, Okla., and Bryan Shane Bebermeyer of Monroe, Okla., both 31, at a Walmart in that coastal town between Biloxi and New Orleans. They were charged with possession of stolen property regarding the truck they were driving, which had been reported stolen in Oklahoma.

At the time of the arrests, Minor was wearing the same shirt shown in the video and the vehicle matched the one in the video as well, according to a Waveland Police Department news release. The truck is also believed to be the same truck that police in Gulf Shores, Ala., were looking for last month in connection with a theft there, according to one Mississippi news report.

After the suspects were captured, a grateful Rouse spoke to the local Sun Herald:

“It’s mind-blowing,” said Rouse, worship leader at Mosaic Church in Ocean Springs. His wife teaches seventh and eighth grades at Woolmarket Middle School.

“I was being sarcastic or facetious when I made the post. I figured it would get a few shares locally and maybe somebody would recognize her or the truck. But it’s been shared on the west side of Texas and up in Wisconsin or somewhere near there.”

Last I heard, the two people in this video have been arrested and my clubs were found. A huge thank you to everyone for helping spread the word. This is one of those crazy instances where you helped serve justice to two individuals that have probably stolen things far more valuable than my dinky golf clubs from people that don’t deserve to be robbed. Through this all… I do want to challenge you to, instead of jumping to anger and attacking these two people, pray for them. Every single one of us in this life make poor choices and every single one of us have things we wouldn’t want others to know about. I’d hope that these two people would pray for me if the tables were turned. Life is already hard enough without complete strangers tearing you down even more. Be light when you see darkness!

It is an admirable response from a man hoping to make the world a better place. May his next round be filled with fairways and greens.

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Arrested couple
Bryan Shane Bebermeyer and Amy Beth Minor


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