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NEWS: Stanford’s Casey Danielson Wins Dinah Shore Trophy

Casey Danielson has had an impressive career at Stanford. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The awards and accolades continue to mount for the Stanford Cardinal women’s golf team. Not only is Anne Walker’s squad, which finished first and second in the last two NCAA Championships, ranked No.1 in the nation, Cardinal senior Casey Danielson just received the prestigious Dinah Shore Trophy.

Awarded by the LPGA Foundation, the Dinah Shore Trophy recognizes the most well-rounded female college golfer in the country, judges equally weigh golf, academics and community service. Danielson, a Wisconsin native who turned down UCLA and Alabama to attend Stanford, is the kind of young lady who would make parents proud in any one of those categories. The fact that she excels in all three makes her extraordinary.

A 2017 First Team All-Pac-12 player, Danielson took over as captain of the Stanford team after Mariah Stackhouse graduated. Those were big shoes to fill.  

“If you’re going to play on a team with Mariah Stackhouse, you’re not going to get much chance to lead,” Walker told The Post. “Mariah was the face of the program and so dynamic that people were always going to be drawn to her. Casey had this will and want to be a leader, but she had to bide her time.

“So, she threw herself into community work, which is very important to Casey. She’s very empathetic. For a while she was thinking about (joining) the Peace Corps in Africa. She does yoga and enjoys the outdoors: things that are just a little out of the mainstream (for a college golfer).

“She was also a counselor at our summer golf camps, teaching and coordinating with the kids. She started ‘Birdies for a Cause’ in Wisconsin (a charity that ties donations to local and national charities to golf performance) and brought that over (to Stanford) with her. She’s very forward with that. She digs to get the email address of all the donors, and she went to (the Stanford) compliance (officer) to make sure she was staying within the rules (of the NCAA). It’s a great thing and she’s been the face of it from the beginning.

“Now, she’s the face of (this) program. She puts her arms around the freshmen and really embraces them. She waited patiently for this to be her time. Now she’s excited for this.

“She’s such a great person, someone who is great at seeing beyond herself.”  


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