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LISTEN: Ironmen Bike Over 800 Miles, Play 17 Courses

Luke Davis and Pete Phipps played 17 courses and biked over 800 miles down the Pacific coastline. (Photo Credit: Lie + Loft)

This wasn’t your traditional golf getaway with five-star hotels, caddies and endless pampering.

Luke Davis and Pete Phipps wanted something more. The Raleigh, N.C., residents took a partial set of golf clubs, a couple of bicycles and a few essential items to Portland, Ore., with the intention of living out the ultimate golf marathon: more than 800 miles of biking, 17 rounds of golf and nothing but campsites to serve as their overnight accommodations.

Phipps, a former college golfer at Army and now the owner of a chain of barber shops, came up with the idea which was inspired by the surfing travel book Bend to Baja. He thought about living out the same type of concept for golf, but he needed a partner in crime.

That’s where Davis, a loyal customer at Phipps’ barber shops and a PGA professional, came in. The two connected and conjured up the perfect plan.

Listen to this week’s Postcast for details on how the trip went:

The adventure included 17 golf courses, including Bandon Dunes, the Olympic Club, Pacific Grove, Pasatiempo and other notable clubs. Below is a complete list:

  • Waverly Country Club
  • Lakeview Par 3
  • Sand Pines
  • Pacific Dunes
  • Portland Golf Club
  • Trysting Tree Golf Club
  • Bandon Dunes
  • Bandon Trails
  • Salmon Run
  • Little River Inn
  • Northwoods
  • Sharp Park
  • Pacific Grove
  • Baywood Country Club
  • Sea Ranch
  • Olympic Club – Cliffs Par 3
  • Pasatiempo

For more information on their excursion, you can visit and


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