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LISTEN: Can Tiger Recover After Latest Setback?

Tiger has not played a competitive round since February. (Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez, USA TODAY Sports)

In episode 20 of the PostCast, eight-time PGA Tour winner Brad Faxon and insider Ron Green Jr. join Sean Fairholm and Cassie Stein to breakdown Tiger’s arrest and whether or not he can recover.

Woods was charged with suspicion of driving under the influence Monday morning in Jupiter, Fla., which is the latest in a winding road of troubles over the past decade.

Faxon touched on a number of points relating to Woods, including whether attention has worn him down over his career.

“I think he was setup to be a great golfer by his father,” Faxon said. “Mission accomplished. He did it better than maybe anyone had done it before or that could possibly ever do it again… I’ll go to my grave saying that it is harder to do what he did in modern day than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Now everyone’s eyes are on you all the time.”

Also joining the PostCast was The Post’s Ron Green Jr., a close follower of Woods throughout his career.

“I don’t think anybody looks good in a mug shot, but there’s just this grim reality to this one,” Green Jr. said. “You almost don’t know what to say. It feels disappointing, sad and disturbing.”

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