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WATCH: Kaymer Comes to Tiger’s Defense

Tiger Woods and Martin Kaymer
Tiger Woods and Martin Kaymer shake hands at the 2011 Dubai Desert Classic. (Photo Credit: Action Images / Paul Childs)

Martin Kaymer isn’t typically one to speak out or seek the spotlight. After winning the Players Championship in 2014, he was spotted sitting on the floor of an airport terminal while charging his phone. When the photo of him went up on social media, Kaymer responded by saying he didn’t need a throne to sit on because he isn’t a king. He’s just like anyone else.

That may be the case away from the course, but his place as a two-time major champion and respected peer in the golf community gives him the right to hop on a pedestal if he feels it is necessary.

According to responses on Facebook and Twitter, he chose just the right moment to speak up when he defended Tiger Woods in a two-minute video that ended up spreading like wildfire Thursday evening.

“Obviously a lot of people know what happened to Tiger Woods the past few days,” Kaymer says. “And there are so many comments, so many opinions, and they are so unfair and very disrespectful in my opinion. Because everyone who is involved in golf was changed by his legacy, by his play, by so many things he has done.”

Kaymer goes on to urge the masses to refrain from making “nasty” comments:

“Why don’t you try to do the opposite and help him the way that he inspired us?” Kaymer says. “That’s why we are where we are now. That’s why we can have what we have.”

In response to Kaymer’s video, hundreds of messages have been exchanged in support of his commentary. As of Friday morning, the video had more than 15,000 likes on Twitter and 6,300 retweets. On Facebook, the video had more than 6,000 reactions, 600 comments and 242,000 views.

Here are a few notable comments:


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