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LISTEN: Olin Browne Weighs in on Rules Debate

Olin Browne's best moment in golf? Being a part of the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup team that won at Valhalla. (Photo Credit: Brandon Malone, Action Images)

In episode 21 of the PostCast, Cassie Stein and Sean Fairholm are joined by three-time PGA Tour winner and two-time PGA Tour Champions winner Olin Browne to discuss a variety of topics in the golf world.

The Rules of Golf is always a hot topic, and Browne had no issue talking about the rules, especially when it comes to different rules for amateurs and pros:

“I’m an old school advocate in that regard, and I think we should all be playing by the same rules, the same equipment. I think bifurcation is a bad idea.”

He also addressed the anchoring ban and how it’s affecting the game:

“I think any time there’s a new rule that’s written up and implemented, everybody’s going to have an adjustment or have to make an adjustment to that rule. There’s no doubt that there are people questioning the anchoring ban and how players are applying that. I think the rule, to be honest with you, was poorly conceived and poorly implemented. It should be an either or type of situation. The governing bodies should not have created an environment where players are questioned simply because they are using a technique that appears to be incongruent with the proper implications of the rules.”

Also on the PostCast this week, Cassie and Sean talk about Phil Mickelson’s decision to skip next week’s U.S. Open due to his daughter’s high school graduation. Would you go to graduation or play in the U.S. Open?

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