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WATCH: Belligerent Moose Chases Golfer

A moose on a golf course in Sweden took exception to a golfer playing through his territory. (Image captured from Tony Swahn video)

Animal encounters are not unusual during a round of golf. Depending on where you live, geese, rabbits, squirrels and deer might be common. In some regions, menacing reptiles – alligators and snakes come to mind – can make your heart skip a beat, although they are typically harmless if left alone.

But ignoring animals isn’t always an option. Case in point: Meet this cantankerous moose on a golf course in Sweden.

With no interest in letting a golfer play through, the animal went from cautious to belligerent, leaving the golfer dodging and running for safety. (The first minute of the video has all the action.)

Another encounter with nature happened Thursday in Canada at Golden Eagle Golf Club near Vancouver, B.C. A swarm of honeybees took up residence on a flagstick.

“Can I get someone to tend the flag while I putt? Hello? Where’d everybody go?”

Does anyone have a spare can of smoke? We could use it about now on our tenth green! . . . #honeybee #honey #random #goldeneaglegolf

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