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WATCH: Golf Ball Diver Punches Gator, Escapes Attack

Since 1988, Scott Lahodik has made a living by diving for golf balls. Thanks to an alligator that almost took his life and has left him with 400 stitches, his ball searching days are likely over.

Lahodik was diving for golf balls in a lake last Friday at Rotonda Golf & Country Club near Port Charlotte, Fla., when the mammoth reptile latched onto his arm and refused to release him.

“He just came and, full blast, grabbed my arm all the way back in his throat and then he started to roll with me,” Lahodik told the Orlando Sentinel from his hospital room in Fort Myers.

“He rolled a couple times and then he still didn’t let go so I knew I had to do something, so I started punching him up by the eye and then he let go.”

Lahodik’s next move was to swim out of the lake, hop in a golf cart and call his wife, Maritza.

“I got a call with him screaming on the other line with a gut-wrenching sound telling me that he had been attacked by an alligator,” she said.

Diving for golf balls has become a way for some adventurous daredevils to make serious cash, but perhaps some hazards are best left to the animals that call them home.  

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission standard protocol, the gator will be euthanized.

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