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PostCast, Episode 26: Garrett Rank’s Life as an NHL Referee, Amateur Golfer

Garrett Rank
Garrett Rank is an NHL referee who is a top-level amateur golfer.

In this episode of the PostCast, Cassie Stein and Sean Fairholm are joined by Garrett Rank, an amateur golfer who also happens to be a full-time referee in the National Hockey League.

Rank, from Elmira, Ontario, Canada, has a strong amateur golf career going to coincide with his time as an NHL official. He made the cut in last year’s Canadian Open and has won two Canadian Mid-Amateur titles, utilizing hockey’s summer off-season to play competitive golf.

“I think the golf swing and the hockey slap shot are very similar,” Rank said. “I think the time frame in terms of hockey being kind of a winter sport and golf being in the summer also helps. I think it allows be to deal with the anxiety and the pressures of being in high-intense situations with making a call or being under the gun and having to hit a good shot.”

Rank let us in on what it is like to be an NHL referee, a dream for many Canadians.

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“I wouldn’t really call it star-struck, but just to a point where you are out there with a job to do and you are in control of the game they’re playing. Sometimes I am out there and I find myself watching the game and remembering ‘Oh, you’re supposed to call that, you’re the referee.’ I’ve got the greatest job in the world.”

After talking with Rank, Cassie and Sean delve into their picks for the Open Championship and what to watch for this week from Royal Birkdale.

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