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QUICK TAKE: PGA Tour Players Weigh In On Steph Curry’s First Round

Stephen Curry looks on from the ninth hole during Round 1 of the Ellie Mae Classic. (Photo credit: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

It wasn’t just the general public that was fascinated with Steph Curry’s foray into professional golf.

PGA Tour players also were paying close attention to Curry’s cameo in the Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic.

“Very cool,” Paul Casey said. “The pressure … He exceeded my expectations. I know he’s a very good golfer but that’s cool.

“It’s very good for golf. People paying attention. People talking about the sport. There’s always that debate who should be using invites for guys to help their careers but it was brilliant. Do something to get people talking about the game and grow the game.”

Curry’s father, Dell, was Bill Haas’ favorite NBA player because of his shooting prowess and now he’s a fan of the Golden State Warriors’ superstar. The way Curry performed in tournament conditions impressed Haas.

“If I went and laced them up I would look like a 100 shooter in golf in comparison,” Haas said.

Ditto from Adam Scott.

“Helluva score. Love that,” Scott said of Curry’s first-round 74.

“There is no pro golfer shooting 74 in an NBA game, that’s for sure.”


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