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WATCH: Five Most Outrageous, But Effective, Golf Swings

Golf Swings
A golf swing doesn't have to be smooth to be effective, as these golfers prove.

Admit it. Very few of us swing a club as smoothly as Ernie Els or Fred Couples. We’ve got hitches and twitches that might make Jim Furyk shudder.

Perhaps that’s why we find humor in some rather “unorthodox” swings. Amazingly, some of these eccentric golfers hit it down the middle – which is really all that matters.

Tour pro Steve Wheatcroft, playing in this week’s Albertsons Boise Open in the Tour Finals, shared a mesmerizing video from the pro-am.

Straight down the middle and 200-plus yards – we can’t argue with the results.

How does that swing rank among other outlandish (but effective) golf swings? Here are the four chart-toppers:

1)      Grandpa’s Golf Swing

Just when it appears the weight of the golf club is about to pull him to the ground, a surge of strength kicks in and he hoists the club atop his shoulders, regroups, then wham! Pure as the driven snow.

Grandpa’s golf swing

2)      He Shot 80 With This Swing

Watch closely and you will see a slight hitch in the swing of Jack Van Meerbeeck, a gentleman from Belgium who shot 80 at Sedgefield Country Club with this unique move.

This is the swing of 58-year-old Jack Van Meerbeeck. More on it at

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3)      The Back Breaker

Once upon a time, a guy could take a swing like this to the driving range and only be seen by a dozen or so people. Those days are gone.

4)      Bruce

Bruce has no qualms with his buddies recording every crazy swing, probably because he’s getting the last laugh and taking their money.


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