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NEWS: Golfers Allegedly Threatened With Gun Over Empty Beer Cans

Heather Highlands
An employee has been arrested after shooting his gun during an argument at Heather Highlands Golf Course.

We have seen many golf course disputes over the years, but few have escalated this quickly and for this odd of a reason.

Carl and Stephanie Golding played a round of golf at Heather Highlands Golf Course in Springfield Township, Mich., this past Saturday as a part of a family group outing. The day proceeded normally until the round ended and a strange altercation allegedly ensued when one family wanted to take empty beer cans home.

“I’m cleaning out my cart, here comes this outraged man and the outraged owner, screaming at me and videotaping me. … They said I was stealing their property,” Stephanie Golding told WDIV-TV, an NBC affiliate in Detroit.

The argument escalated, and Carl Golding noticed the employee had a gun in his waistband, the WDIV report said.

“The philosophy is if you’ve got (a gun), if you’re gonna pull it, use it. Figure you call the guy’s bluff,” Carl told the TV station. “Well, I probably messed up there, because he did, he ended up taking a shot.”

A struggle for the gun ensued, with other family members ultimately taking the employee down and wrestling the firearm away, the report said.

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The couple told WDIV that they did not knowingly break any course rules, such as bringing their own beer.  

Police took the 45-year-old employee, whom WDIV later identified as Robert Alex Fleece, to the hospital before transporting him to Oakland County Jail, the report said. Fleece was charged with felonious assault and reckless discharge of a firearm, the station reported.

Robert Fleece
Robert Fleece of Grand Blanc, Michigan


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