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QUICK TAKE: Rahm Riffs On Mickelson’s Minutia

Rahm and Mickelson
Jon Rahm and Phil Mickelson during a practice round at the 2017 Open Championship (Photo: REUTERS/Paul Childs)

Jon Rahm has played plenty of golf with Phil Mickelson and enjoys the back and forth that comes with playing casual rounds with the Hall of Famer.

Having had Mickelson’s brother, Tim, as both his college coach and manager, Rahm has had a double dose of the Mickelsons. And though he’s already ascended to No. 3 in the world ranking, Rahm finds himself at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to how he analyzes shots compared to Phil Mickelson’s approach, according to an amusing assessment he offered ahead of this week’s CareerBuilding Challenge.

“Now that he’s with Tim (as his caddie), it is really fun to hear how they talk to each other, because Tim being my coach at (Arizona State), I don’t need much. OK, it’s like 120, this shot, right. And you have Phil, it’s like, oh, this shot, the moisture, this going on, this is like one mile an hour, wind sideways, it’s going to affect it one yard. This green is soft, this trajectory. They’re thinking and I’m like, I’m lost,” Rahm said.

“I’m like, God, if I do that thought process, I could not hit the golf shot. And it’s funny, he gets to the green and then it’s the same thing. He’s very detail oriented. He gets there and I’m like, oh, it’s a foot right. And he goes, OK, he reads the green, like, oh, it’s 1.8 degrees of slope here and this and that.

“I’m there listening and I’m like, man, I hope we’re never paired together for anything because I can’t think like this. I would not be able to play golf like that. For me to listen to all that is really fun. And then you hear me and (caddie) Adam (Hayes) talk, 180, a little breeze into, okay, hard six. OK, hard six. And it’s just opposite extremes completely.”

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