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OFFBEAT: Caddie Defends Actions In Wake Of Firing

Rhein Gibson
Rhein Gibson dropped from a tie for 2nd to 3rd place after incurring a one-stroke penalty because of his caddie's actions. (Getty Images photo)

As the golf world geared up Wednesday for Tiger Woods’ latest return, a rules brouhaha in the Bahamas prompted a fired Tour caddie to film an impassioned defense of his actions on the 72nd hole of the tour’s Great Abaco Classic, which cost his player, Rhein Gibson, a one-stroke penalty and a tie for second place.

Gibson, a 31-year-old Aussie, threw his putter cover at caddie Brandon Davis after Davis’ decision to lift Gibson’s ball out of a hazard near the 18th green resulted in officials assessing Gibson a one-stroke penalty under Rule 18-2. Gibson fired Davis following the incident, according to the caddie, though the player later apologized via Twitter.

In the wee hours of Thursday, Davis posted a YouTube video in which he makes a compelling case that his actions should have resulted in no penalty, according to Decision 26-1/9.

Rules of Golf, Decision 26-1/9

Q. A player’s ball lying in a water hazard is lifted by the player’s caddie without the player’s authority. What is the ruling?

A. There is no penalty under Rule 18-2 if there was no doubt or it was reasonable to assume from the player’s actions or statements that he would make his next stroke from outside the water hazard.

In the absence of such circumstances, the player incurred a one-stroke penalty under Rule 18-2 and may either replace the ball as required by Rule 18-2 or proceed under Rule 26-1 and incur an additional one-stroke penalty under that Rule.

In such cases, any doubt should be resolved against the player.

Warning: this video shows a caddie wearing no shirt and wireless earbuds in a Bahamas hotel room while using a lamp and a tissue-box cover as props to demonstrate the ball’s position in the hazard.

In a subsequent phone interview published Thursday morning, Tour rules official Jim Duncan offered a conflicting account of the events in question and stood behind the decision to penalize Gibson.


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