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NEWS: The 2017 Distance Report

With a little more buzz than usual, the USGA and R&A released their joint report on golf ball distance Monday. This annual report analyzes the trends in distance on the major professional tours.

CLICK HERE to read the full report.

For a summary and analysis of the report, read our full coverage of the report in the March 5 issue of Global Golf Post, including responses from the PGA Tour and Titleist. Excerpt from our coverage:

Analysis: Distance Data Anomaly Supports No Conclusions

by Steve Eubanks

The long-anticipated distance report, an annual summary from the USGA and R&A on the average increases or decreases in driving distance from seven professional tours, finally hit on Monday morning. In years past the report, which began in 2015, has come out in February. This year’s delay had many speculating that it might contain some bombshell news.  

While the relevance of the news can be debated, the report definitely shows an anomaly over previous years.

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