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QUICK TAKE: Pity For Daly Difficult To Muster

John Daly
John Daly says he will not play in another USGA event after he was denied the use of a cart at the 2018 U.S. Senior Open (Photo Credit: Michael Madrid/File Photo)

The U.S. Senior Open is under way at the Broadmoor in Colorado, framed by the Rocky Mountains and missing John Daly.

Now and forever.

Daly reportedly is miffed at the USGA for denying his request to use a cart in the Senior Open, arguing that he should be allowed to ride under the American Disabilities Act to accommodate a knee issue that makes it difficult for him to walk. The USGA did not grant Daly’s request – Daly chose not to supply additional information about his condition when the USGA asked, according to the governing body – and he pulled out of the tournament, criticized the organization and said he will never play in another USGA event.

Which is a big deal to, well, probably no one but Daly.

It’s one thing to give Scott Verplank a cart in the Senior Open due to his diabetes, which he’s dealt with for 45 years and causes foot pain that prevents him from walking during his rounds. Verplank, who wears an insulin pump, also was allowed to use a cart last year in the Senior Open.

It’s something else to grant a player use of a cart because he’s got a bum knee. In the 50-and-older game, everybody has a neck, a knee or a shoulder issue. Daly’s knee issue is significant but the USGA made the right call by not giving him a cart.

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Daly’s track record could not have helped his case. He’s withdrawn from tournaments, shot 90 once, made an 18 on one hole, hit seven balls in the water on one hole, threw his 6-iron in the water at the 2015 PGA Championship and … you get the picture.

We’ve all seen that movie a few times.

So Daly responded by railing against the USGA, which has taken a few arrows recently, but he sounded whiny. He decided to take his garish trousers and his bad knee and go home, never to return.

That’s too bad.

For him.



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