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QUICK TAKE: Lincicome Stays Calm, But She Shoots 78 In PGA Tour Event

Brittany Lincicome and her caddy Missy Pederson chat with Conrad Shindler on the first tee. (Photo Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports)

Not the best day. The triple didn’t help. But overall Brittany Lincicome continued to achieve her objective. She inspired everyone who saw her at the PGA Tour’s Barbasol Championship on Thursday in Kentucky, even as she shot 78 and seems almost certain to miss the cut.

“I was actually calmer than I thought I was going to be,” Lincicome said afterward. “I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck. After the first tee shot I was pretty happy that I found the fairway.”

She was happy with the reception as well. A crowd that would have made Rory McIlroy happy at most majors lined the first tee a minute before 10 a.m. to see Lincicome go out with Sam Ryder and Conrad Shindler.

“Happy to play with Brittany,” Ryder said. “I would play with her every day if she wanted to. I have a couple friends that play on the LPGA – Jacqui Concolino, who I went to high school with, and Kim Kaufman, who was from Lake Mary where I’m from.

“They were kind of texting me when they saw the tee times. They were like, ‘I know you’re going to welcome her with open arms.’ I was like, ‘What do you think, I’m just going to not talk to her on the course?’ ”

Then, laughing, Ryder said. “They were all happy that I got paired with her. She’s just a great person. So even though I know she’s probably a little disappointed with her final score, she had a smile on her face all day.”

Surprisingly, it was the par-3s, not the 4s or 5s that bit Lincicome. Starting on the back nine, she made two bogeys where she failed to get up and down because of a faulty putter. But on the par-3 18th, she hit it in the water and made double bogey. Then, after a birdie at the par-4 third where she drained a 25-footer, she hit her tee shot into thick rough right of the green on the par-3 seventh. From there, she chopped out in front of the green, which was elevated probably 20 feet above her head. She then pitched on and three-putted for a triple-bogey.  

“I was pretty happy with my game overall,” she said. “I had two bad holes but I drove it well. I did all the things I said I needed to do, but just my putter let me down today.”

The fans certainly didn’t let her down.

“It was great,” she said. “I could feel the energy of the crowd supporting me. Every time I hit a good drive or good shot they would cheer for me, which was great. And Conrad and Sam were so nice. I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better pairing. They were very welcoming and we were interacting, they were asking me questions. It was great.”

Then the competitor showed up. Lincicome already was preparing for a comeback on Friday.

“If I can drive it like I did today and just make a few putts here and there, I think I’ll be back in good shape,” she said.

“It’s out there. You know, I love playing with the guys. It’s so much fun being inside the ropes with them. Hopefully I can get a good one tomorrow.”  


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