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Bourbon, Bats And A Big Horse Race

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY | When Denny Crum, a California native and at the time an assistant to John Wooden at UCLA, was introduced as head basketball coach of the university in this city in 1971 he referred to it as “Lewis-ville.” Corrected almost immediately, Crum’s mistake was shrugged off by the…

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Amid The Drama, A Golf Tournament Broke Out

AKRON, OHIO | But for the distractions, we’d be calling the WGCBridgestone Invitational one of the best events in recent memory. You had everything: Rory, Rose, Rickie, Adam and Sergio, the Fab Five who lit up Liverpool, reunited at Firestone Country Club for a show that had fans squealing in…

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Seeing The Light Vs. Feeling The Heat

It’s easy to have no sympathy for Dustin Johnson and if what they are saying is true, he probably deserves none. He’s a high-profile celebrity athlete, a 30-year-old multimillionaire with a beautiful fiancée who is probably better known than he is. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. Johnson is taking…