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Golf's Best Kept Secret

One of the biggest storylines of what passes for golf’s off-season will now center around what Tiger Woods’ newest teacher, Sean Foley, tells him; how well Woods listens; and just how much of Foley’s eclectic gospel Woods converts into swing religion by 2011. But to whom does Foley, the intriguing…

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Best and Worst

One jaundiced writer’s eye’s view of golf’s 2010 highs and lows: Most Over-Reported Story: Tiger Woods’ dalliances. It is none of our business what he does off the golf course, unless he breaks the law. And there is no law against being stupid. At least not yet. Most Under-Reported Story:…

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Golf In Italy: That's Amore

SCIACCA, SICILY | Knowing I have visited Italy a few dozen times over the years, a friend recently asked what I liked most about that European land.  “The food and wine,” I blurted, even though that seemed such a pedestrian way to describe the pleasures of, say, a luscious Brunello…