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Di11 Irons Built For Distance

“D” is for distance as far as Wilson Golf engineers are concerned. And they have been looking to nurture as much of that performance attribute as possible from its Di iron franchise, which the equipment manufacturer first introduced in 2005. Their latest effort in that realm is the Di11, and…

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Leupold Sets Its Sights On Golf

I am not one for quoting from advertisements, but a recent one from Leupold touting its GX series of rangefinders is worth recounting for the simple, yet compelling, way it touts the technology those products employ. “We put the best trained American soldiers on target at 1,000 yards,” the copy…

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The Ascent Of The Plodder

ANDALUCIA, SPAIN | When Tiger Woods was asked to identify the European with the best chance in the 2005 U.S. Open at Pinehurst, he opted for Luke Donald – and backed up his suggestion with a less-than-obviously flattering, “Luke has a great chance the way he plods along.” True, Donald’s…

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Ryder Cup In Paris: Oh Mon Dew!

My friend Philippe Chassepot is a French golf writer, a species more rare than a beloved American in Paris. More people follow the literary stylings of Frenchman Albert Camus and it’s unclear which the French misunderstand more: golf or existentialism, two equally baffling concepts for the uninitiated. The Ryder Cup…