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Shining New Light On Lefty

ORLANDO, FLORIDA | Whether he wants to or not, it’s getting harder for Phil Mickelson to hide behind Tiger Woods. At the height of on-the-course TigerMania – which, by the way, recedes farther into golf’s rearview mirror by the week – Mickelson invented the ironclad alibi. “It’s Tiger’s world,” Lefty…

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Ping System Seeks The Right Fit

Karsten Solheim was a club fitting pioneer, going back to the late 1960s when he began working with the touring professionals to ensure their Ping irons were properly calibrated to their sizes and swing tendencies. Typically, Solheim had a player hit their favorite clubs, and then went from there to…

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Odyssey Putters Find Their Target

Callaway first learned about the value of visuals in putting when it brought out its extraordinarily successful Odyssey 2-Ball putter a decade ago. And the company is demonstrating just how important it thinks the matter of accurate target aim continues to be with the recent introduction of the Odyssey D.A.R.T….

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Beautiful Bermuda

TUCKER’S TOWN, BERMUDA | Bermuda may be a small nation, a fishhook-shaped collection of islands only 21 square miles in size with a population of just 70,000 people. But more than a dozen visits have shown me there is a lot to love about that retreat just 600 miles off…

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Home Club Pays Tribute To Paddy

Even the most accomplished players can be powerless against the might of golf’s handicap system. This may explain why Padraig Harrington never won a net prize at Stackstown Golf Club before his departure into professional ranks in the autumn of 1995, as a double Irish champion playing off plus-2. Any…