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Clinton Would Bring A-List To Hope

LA QUINTA, CALIFORNIA | The first thing to understand is that despite the word play, the tournament is not “Hopeless.” A better description would be troubled. Or, perhaps, inconsequential. In modern lingo, the Bob Hope Classic no longer moves the needle.    It has become just another sporting event in…

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Myrtle Beach

Unless you’re in Miami or San Diego, it’s either snowing where you are, there’s snow still on the ground or it’s about to snow. Which makes it a good time to daydream about your golf vacation. You’ve surfed the ‘net, cranked the printer up and spread the potential suspects out…

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The Things You Remember

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA I It’s strange the things you remember. I can remember watching Marc Cayeux shoot 61 in the final round of the 2005 Vodacom Tour Championship at Country Club Johannesburg to win by six shots. He won it with a back nine of 29, including an eagle at…

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Sherlock Homes In On LPGA

Canadians are always looking for the “next” golfer to succeed on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. They’ve been asking for a while who might be the next Mike Weir –Weyburn, Sask.’s Graham DeLaet, perhaps? They’ve also been asking who might be the next golfer to win on the LPGA…