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Fallen Oak Stands Alone

FIRST GUY: Man, that stretch limo was long. SECOND GUY: How long was it? FIRST GUY: It was so long … the driver got to the casino 15 minutes before we did. BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI | We have arrived at the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport under the cover of darkness on a…

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Hard-Luck Higgins Keeps Dreams High

In the curious way of golfing fate, Padraig Harrington and David Higgins found themselves thrown together through competitive action last weekend, just as they were as amateurs, 16 years ago. On this occasion, however, Higgins was collecting a modest €14,000 as winner of the PGA Irish Region Order of Merit…

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Wales: The Gem of the UK

OGMORE-BY-SEA, WALES | After hosting their first Ryder Cup, the Welsh like to say it took 87 years to bring that biennial competition to their country for the first time. But they might as well add that it has taken about that long for most of the sporting world to…

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Adidas Aims At 'Competitive Purist'

Golf traditionalists may indeed find something quite pure about the newest footwear offering from Adidas Golf. And that is the styling. Classic in nature, burnished and polished, it is quite different from other Adidas shoes that boldly boast the fabled three-stripe trademark – designed to appeal to the player who…