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Readers Share Amazing Arnold Palmer Stories View More
The impact of Arnold Palmer can be felt in the stories told by his fans. (Photo credit: PBS)

Readers Share Amazing Arnold Palmer Stories

The death of Arnold Palmer has brought an outpouring of warmth from anyone who has encountered him or otherwise calls themselves part of “Arnie’s Army.” Our Special Edition dedicated to Arnold Palmer elicited some amazing stories from our readers. We wish to share them with you. This heartwarming story from…

Tiger and Arnie's Back-To-Back Back Issues

Like springtime pollen and three-putt greens, back issues are a part of golf. When they involve Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer, they’re news events. There are reports that Woods is dealing with a bulging disc, which is the cause of the back spasms that led him to withdraw Tuesday from…

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Tiger's Bay Hill Victory Lap

Nice to see Arnold Palmer’s course return to being Bay Hill after being Bay Hell for two hours Sunday while tornadic winds attacked the golf course. Tiger’s victory lap Monday was without any real drama although it will take Rickie Fowler a while to get over dumping two balls in…