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Friday Quad: 4 Best Olympic Cities for Golf View More
Royal Melbourne West is widely considered Australia's best golf course. It's one reason an Olympic return to Melbourne would be ideal for golf.

Friday Quad: 4 Best Olympic Cities for Golf

Is Rio de Janeiro the worst Summer Olympics host city for golf? Most people would answer that question with a “Probably,” “Definitely,” or “What’s the question?!” Between the Zika virus, poverty and a bankrupt government — not to mention a Brazilian president facing impeachment — the city has its problems….

Unfiltered Honesty From Schneiderjans At U.S. Amateur

Johns Creek, Ga. | Confidence is a critical component of golf. If you don’t believe you’re supposed to win, you might as well go home and save yourself the trouble. But there’s also a fine line. You have to believe you’re better than everyone else in the field, but if…